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About USG

UNITED SECURITY GROUP (USG) was founded in 2009 as a result of a merger of skills and expertise found back in several security consulting and security operations firms around the globe. These firms merged together into UNITED SECURITY GROUP, acting as global security consulting group providing end-2-end security services and solutions. Since then, USG helps multinational corporations, governmental and non-governmental organizations in their security concerns.

Technology Aware

UNITED SECURITY GROUP calls itself 'technology aware'. As technology today is seen as one of our key factors to project manage 'security' projects in any security area. Using best-practices, high-end expertise and proven standards, UNITED SECURITY GROUP helps you further to solve your security concerns. Our credo sounds: "Securing Tomorrow's World..."

Global Presence

Since January 2010, we are proud to announce our global presence. We now have running operations in Belgium, United Kingdom, and the USA.

Security & Intelligence Cycle Management

The Security & Intelligence Cycle Management process is UNITED SECURITY GROUP's key element in their day-to-day security consulting duties. Priorities are set, information and data is collected, analysed and processed until next steps are taken and translated into action in order to secure our customer's business. Failure is never an option.


Management Team & Board of Directors



The Board of Directors outlines USG’s strategy and overall policy and is also responsible for overseeing USG’s management.








“It is not always easy. Your successes are unheralded

-- your failures are trumpeted. I sometimes have that feeling myself.”








Securing Tomorrow’s World...

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) +32 (2) 528 05 73 | : info@usgintl.com
Lennikse baan 451, B-1070 Brussels – BELGIUM



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